D and J and More


I’ll post ideas, thoughts, devotions, recipes, and more.  I can’t promise to write often.. I don’t have a good track record with that.  But the new year is coming and there is this resolution thing.  I know, I know, I’ve tried that before.   Well here’s hoping. (as usual)

~ D

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The need to blog

It has been totally forever since I logged on here and wrote anything.  I need to do more.  I am a Toastmaster and soon we will be using a new educational program and one of the eventual projects is to improve blogging.  I look forward to my blogging meaning more so that I am more faithful to posting.


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I guess I better try to catch up

I haven’t blogged in forever and it is something I should be doing.  I am now retired, so the teacher blogs are outdated now.  In my retirement, one of the things I am working on is writing a novel.  I am going slowly and being creative and making up the story as I go.  I am only as far as chapter  nine as I write this.  I hope it is a story that people will want to read once I finish.  

Well — remind me to blog more often.. you think I can do this at least once a month?  or more?  well I don’t have a good track record so we will see.
— until next time — Darlene

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When to put flag at half staff




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Here I am again.. has it been a year?

I can’t believe I don’t post often.. I am regularly on FB and often on Twitter or LinkedIn but here?  I forget.. sheesh

What’s makin’ me happy right now?  Concerts.. I’ll be glad when they are over but it is fun preparing.. My first graders are doing a plate routine with March from Nutcracker and Second graders are doing a ribbon routine with Trepak from Nutcracker.

I am surprised by which songs kids like best.. First graders love to sing the German words to Oh Tannenbaum..  Second graders like Mary Had a Baby.. Sixth grade favorite song is Ain’t that a Rockin’.. other grades have fav songs too.. Kiddos are always so cute on stage and they always do a good job.. no matter how much I worry.

It’s my last Christmas Concert season as I am retiring at the end of the school year… (July 1st officially).. bittersweet.. very anxious but .. it’ll be different and I will miss certain aspects of teaching for sure.  I won’t miss having to deal with behaviors.  Or the being away from home during the week..

Well wonder if it’ll be another year before I post again.. time will tell (pun intended)


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ENDING the year

It is the end of December ALREADY.. where did the time go. The school year is virtually half-over and there is much more knowledge to impart upon my students. Let the new year begin. HAPPY 2013 to all my friends and colleagues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We Are Teachers

Connecting teachers to the best resources in education.

via We Are Teachers.

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