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Here I sit, thinking what to write.    I envy Miss Osterlund.  Her blog is always so entertaining to read.  Maybe mine will become interesting as I plug along.  Today was a fairly typical weekend day in that I spent most of the day doing D & J type stuff.. updating web pages and learning new code.   That sort of thing.. sounds dull?   Well actually I enjoy it.   The code I worked on today was a javascript code.  I had a menu I wanted to change on a webpage.  The navigation menu was in css code and I liked the way it worked.. but every time I made a change to the menu, I had to go in and change EVERY page on the website.. bogglesome.    The js code that I replaced it with allows me to change the menu when I need to and then it automatically shows up changed on each of the pages on the site.  Well it will when I get them all updated the first time.. right now part of the pages have the old code and part have the new code.. but the rest of what I need to do with it is the easy part.  The hard part was getting the code to work the way I wanted it to.  It kept not working.  I found out I had ONE (yes only one) character wrong.. or rather left out.. just one tiny little bracket was missing and it made it not work.. took me a while to find it.  You can view my work at http://www.obea.info/.     The main page shows the new menu.. the other pages don’t yet.. we will see if I have time tomorrow to update more of the pages.

Well on a personal note.. not liking the way some things are going right now.. but I will publicly let everyone know that I rely on God.  And with HIS help, the things that stress me out will work out in some manner according to HIS will.. and not mine.  I must be patient and keep praying for the issue that is stressing me.

I wrote an article for one of the other webpages I maintain.  It talks about just that.. relying on God.. you can view my article at http://ilevite.com/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=199&Itemid=1

Well ok.. if you are a student, you don’t have to go to the religious page (unless you want to) – but it just shows who I am.

Well that is enough talking for now.. I said more than necessary already.

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