learning new things

Well if you read my welcome blog you know I was working last weekend on learning some javascript for some menu items (can be seen at http://www.obea.info)  – the menu boxes on the left.. getting them to work the way I wanted etc..

This weekend I am working on learning a new CMS application – drupal.  I had used drupal as a ‘user’ on my school website.. it’s different as there I just design my personal page.  To administer drupal is a whole different ball of wax..

Installing it was hardest … I had to have many conversations (via computer) with the support people on the web server .. including one delete and re-install.. etc.. quite a thing.

Anyway.. then permissions weren’t set right but we got that fixed.. and there were some other issues but as I designed those seem to fix themselves for the most part.

Drupal is powerful and I have yet a lot to learn about it but the beginning is there..at http://www.tcmr.net/drupal

Wonder what new thing I will work on next?



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