Just a couple more weeks

Until what?  Spring Break… yea!  This season of the year gets so busy and kids are as anxious for a break as the teachers.. maybe more.. the weather can’t decide if it’s winter or spring.. all around us they’ve had snow… even some snow days off school… but all we got was rain… and wind.. almost feel cheated..

So ok.. I guess on a blog I am just plopping my thoughts down here so those fragmented sentences will be ok… don’t judge.. just puttin’ it down as I think it.

I’ve been busy last night and this morning adding updates to http://www.wbea.info webpage to reflect information and resources available as a result of our recent conference.

At school, my computer technology classes have to be without the use of computer technology — ugh.. challenging.. anyone out in cyber land have more ideas for non-computer technology projects (that don’t cost money or require lots of resources)  — I was hoping next week we’d be back in the lab but yesterday I was informed we have one more week.. it’s all due to OAKS tests the kids have to take.. the lab is sequestered for that during the OAKS window..

When we get back in the lab, we are going to implement a new keyboarding program that we have access to for a couple of months.. (part of our time is escaping without being able to use it) – each student will have their own login and it is a more effective way to teach TOUCH typing than anything I have used before.

Anyway back to original topic – spring break… it can’t quite come fast enough.. I so enjoy being home.. I do love teaching.  I really do.. but it IS teaching I love.  Seems lately I’ve been dealing with a bit of dysfunction in the classroom.. what I want to do is teach .. kids could easily learn twice as much as we are able to do if only they weren’t so anxious to just have FUN all the time.. my idea of fun and theirs seems to differ.. to me LEARNING about things is about the most fun I can think of.. goofing around and talking and trying to see how frustrated I can make the person in charge just isn’t fun at all.. How do we teach respect and consideration?  Isn’t that the parents job, so the teacher can teach the subject matter.. sigh.. THAT is why I want spring break.. so I can rejuvinate and be ready for 9 more weeks of school until summer.  I love my students.. and I so bady want them to learn all the things they should learn.. I am anxious for them to become responsible, respectful young adults.. hopefully I play a small part in all of that happening.

enough rambling..


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