The Countdown has begun

The last month and a half of school is the most stressful I think.  It’s because I have a lot on my plate.  First I have my K through 3 concert.. Previous years it’s been two concerts.. this we are combining and doing it all in one concert.. that is hopefully going to be better..

A week later I have my concert at the other school.. just 4th grade this time.. that has made things a little better but I am doing some drama along with just singing so always a bit more work.

Next event is Career Day — now that is stressing me.. getting presenters to come is harder than putting together a Business Teachers Conference – which I did in October.. not sure why it’s been harder — I thought it would be easier..

After that there will be Talent Show..I will have tryouts right after the first concert.  That is just a matter of em cee ing and organizing..

All the while – teaching and doing all my other duties.. which I love doing but it’s a lot..

Well so much for my ‘complaining’ — I tell my students not to whine about what they have to do.. guess I should follow my own advice..

What helps is that I do love doing it all.. The complaint was that I don’t love the stress part.. I guess no one does really… I just want everything to turn out good.. and it always does.. but I always fear that it won’t..

oh well.. life goes on.

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