It’s July already

I read this morning that staff was beginning today at Camp Meadowood.  My first summer NOT to work there since I started in 2003.  I am enjoying HOME.  I’ve gotten quite a bit done – some housework — some gardening — some computer work — still more to do — work is never done.  Plus in a week or two I want to begin working on some fresh ideas for lessons for this fall.. to add to my normal curriculum — so it is fresh and new and up-to-date and hopefully interesting for the kids. 

In less than a week my grandson has his FIRST birthday.  wow.. where has the time gone.  He is such a pleasure.  And it has been such a joy watching what a good mama my daughter is.  Micah is her life and she is teaching him all the right things and feeding him right and caring for him so well.. just perfect.. and he is such a good natured little human.  I am anxious to spend time with him on his birthday.

well there is more I could say but I’ll sign off for now..


– just me

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